Birdie Num Num & the Spirit Squad

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Band Bio: birdie num num and the spirit squad began in 1999 as a collective band of friends who would join in on recordings and live shows. the songs were very simple and didn't require much thought, so anyone could join in, whether they were a musician or not. i thought the results were fabulous, very true _expression from folks, and every time we played the songs someone brought something different to the table that took the music just a little bit further. by the first cd (even robots are crying part one) i was consumed with building loops from an old digital delay i'd had for years and tying all the songs together to make one cohesive project. once we started playing more and more live shows there was just to much equipment for me to bring out to keep doing things that way. so the songs got a little more complex and we started trying to keep a consistent lineup of people who knew how to play them. this proved to be challenging seeing as how some members were in ween, some were in other established bands and everyone else had some pretty serious careers that the band couldn't interfere with. the vast group consisted of about 4 bass players, 5 drummers, 4 keyboardists and about 12 guitarists to choose from at any given time depending on who was available. luckily, there are a plethora of fine musicians in the new hope/ lambertville area. for anyone unfamiliar with the songs, i would print out the notes on the setlists. this kept the shows and the songs very loose and i think it was fun for people to see how the hell this was going to work out at every show. well fast forward to 2005 and i was ready for something new. our drummer hugh mangum joined the band and kickstarted us all into gear, he actually wanted to practice the songs and have us play them as solid as we could. which to josh sowden our bass player and christopher peters our multi-instrumentalist this was a very welcome relief from the pressure of never really knowing what was going to happen at the shows. as fun as it was to fly by the seat of our pants show after show, i was happy to finally be able to give the songs the treatment they deserve. we started playing more in new york city to a very pleasing response, and doing more all ages shows. now we have just completed the best album i've ever recorded with these guys and can't thank them enough for their time and effort. we will come to your town and play our songs about robots and animals. buy us our favorite beverages.

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