Billy Bang

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Members: Billy Bang: violin, bandleader/composer
John Hicks: piano
Ted Daniel: tr

Band Bio: Justin Time Records is proud to announce the release of violinist/composer Billy Bangs Vietnam: Reflections. Following up on his highly acclaimed 2001 Justin Time album Vietnam -The Aftermath, this sequel recording continues Billy?s healing process in the best manner a musician can ? by transforming the harrowing experiences of war and the tortuous nightmares they spawned into the refined substances of exquisite beauty and profound artistry. While the previous album served as a catharsis for Bang, revisiting the emotional turmoil and chaotic terror of his wartime experiences, the aptly-titled Vietnam: Reflections offers a portrait of the changes that have occurred over the past 30 years in both Vietnam and America. Blending the objective overview of a mature artist with the passionate subjectivity of his own experiences, Billy has created a precious gem that offers deeper insights with each listening.

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