Baby Boy H

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Genre: Rock

Members: bridge ? vocals
orion ? bass
justin ? keyboards
james ? drums

Band Bio: "This is a perfectly balanced blend of the heavy with the spacey, of the dark with the not-so-dark, of the crunch with the sigh, of chops with restraint...Singer Bridge soars to angelic heights one second and spits venom the next." (Tim Emswiler, The Noise).

Unafraid of pushing the boundaries of what is expected, baby boy h seemed to come out of nowhere, hitting the Boston music scene with a shining, blinding force. The band is a powerful mix of refined musicality with compelling vocals and a live act that has a disturbingly addictive quality.

Formed in early 2003, baby boy h soon joined Radar Recordings, an independent label quickly becoming known for housing some of the most unique bands in Boston. Since then, baby boy h has played shows from Boston to New York, spreading their vision of dark optimism and rhythmic energy. The music forms a wall of sound, layered and textured, and displays quite openly a deep introspection for which the six members of the band are nakedly unapologetic.

baby boy h?s debut album ?the later? has encapsulated the immense sound of their live shows. Transcending traditional ideas of emotion while still being accessible, the album is a conceptual work, with segues tying many of the tracks together. Each song tells it?s own story, but repeating ideas throughout the album both lyrically and musically tie the ?the later? together as one sweeping narrative. As the highs are lofty and powerful, the lows are as a vacuum, filling their spaces with a void. The music and lyrics merge in and out of contradiction with each other, creating a tension that is all but electric. Entirely self recorded and produced, ?the later? has all the makings of a Boston underground classic.

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