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Genre: Heavy Metal

Members: Pete, Karl, Tony, Jimmy

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Band Bio: Before there was AnAkA there was an idea that rang through my head constantly. That idea fueled and inspired me to get my act together, and start thinking about forming a band. I wanted to shake the world. Since the time I started playing music, I knew what this band was supposed to sound like, and what it should stand for. Ever since I was young, creativity had always been my best friend in life. Music, in a sense, helped me to find a discipline in my life, as well as an ultimate way to express myself.

In 2000, I had started talking to Tony about joining the band. He came down to a few practices and from the very first practice we had together, I knew he was the man for the job. It was as if he was playing the beat for the songs that I heard in my head as I wrote them. Towards the end of 2000, Tony entered AnAkA, a name that Karl found surfing the net. It was a great name because it didn't insight anything. It didn't pigeon hold us into a certain genre of music and that was key because our musical style really doesn't fall under any certain category.

At that point, AnAkA was three guys Pete, Karl, and Tony. Since I wrote all of the lyrics, the responsibility fell on me to deliver them, and at the same time play guitar. It was cool for a while but I really wasn't a singer, and we started talking about getting someone who could sing, and do justice to the music. I wasn't about to just give my lyrics away to just anyone. It had to someone who could respect the songs and understand them and their origins on a more personal level. The only other person that came to mind was my brother Jimmy. Jimmy had a great voice, and a very good understanding of what I was about as a person. Jimmy joined AnAkA in February 2001, and the last piece of the puzzle was finally in place.

As of early January 2005, months after AnAkA finished recording their second studio album, AnAkA, "Rust & Jade," the members of AnAkA decided to add Kirill Gluharev to their line-up as their second guitar player. "After recording two albums, AnAkA, "Down Devil's Road" (2001) and AnAkA, "Rust & Jade" (2004) as a four piece, we felt the next step we wanted to take was to bring even more music to our audience. By adding Kirill to the line up we were able to get the live sound that we had been seeking..." said Jimmy Pallis, lead singer for AnAkA.


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